Michael's A to E

A (Republic of) Austria 
 Population is 8,030,000 people. Area is 84,000 square kilometers. The capital is Vienna. It is $24,950 gross national product of to every 1 person. The key industries are the precise machine industry and sightseeing.
At present, the extreme right political party which voices Hitler protection of the constitution is forming the corner of the coalition government. Therefore, it is made in social ostracism condition from other EU countries. Switzerland is introduced as the permanently neutral state in the text book of geography. However, even what is not touched regarding Austria of the same neutral. Grrrrrr......!!!!! Korean government is requesting to renew the text book contents of the history of Japan. However, I want Japanese government to renew the text book contents of geography.
Needless to say(?), it is my mother country. However, many of Japanese people hear the name Austria, then they say "Yes, I know. The country which is in a southern hemisphere and there is koalas and kangaroos." Hey, that's Australia..... So, usually I say "My mother country is Germany." Oh, no..

B But
 When I speak or write English, I always use the word "but" so many times. So, I think that if you read my homepage in English, then you can find so many words "but."

C Cousins
 I have 8 cousins in Europe including me. Everybody are my boasted cousins. I don't have any brothers nor sisters. So, for me, the same generation blood relative are only cousins. However, it is regrettable to be able to encounter only 1time in the several years because they are in Europe. Although there is the obstacle of a little word, by using mediation English, we can understand each other.
 The whole family of my mammy one, everyone is a handsome man or beautiful woman. As for, every cousins are peach without exception. Also, even the figure is very good. My girl-cousins's builds seem so delicious. If they were not my cousins, I want to make them as my girl friend.

D Delight
  It is when I watch the movie, while drinking Chinese tea and eating the sweet.

E Equipment
 The key of my apartment house. The key of the laboratory. The key of my Mercedes-Benz. Army knife. Handkerchief. Frisk.
 Always I carry them about on my pocket.

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