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F Friends
 I don't have so many friends. But I have never felt I'm lonely. Because I have 2 bosom friends and 2 close friends. Recently I noticed that there is 1 common point in them. All of them have younger sister.

 Bosom friend the 1 is the relations from a high school era and continue correspondence even for more than 7 years since graduation. Our hobby matches very much. When I was faced with the life biggest crisis, he put his job and drived for 6 hours one way by the car. If he didn't helped me, I couldn't become what I am now.

 Even bosom friend the 2 continues correspondence even for more than 7 years since graduation with the relations from the high school era. Our hobby matches in different way. His advice is existing in shade without fail, when I was able to cause to stand it to the big turning point of life.

 Close friend the 1 is the junior of the video rental store of a part-time job. . Direct care him was only a period upon. However, he thinks the case to kindness even now. He is taking the trouble of admiring it about me even if now. At present, he is industrious it to the job, while doing the care of the younger sister of sickbed. His human being is prepared fairly for a recent youngster.

Close friend the 2 is the class mate in high school era. His wife is also close friend of mine..

G Game
 I like computer games very much. Especially, shooting games. STAR SOLDIER by Hudson and GRADIUS by Konami. Besides, RPG DRAGON QUEST by Enix, survival horror BIOHAZARD by Capcom.

 Shooting game is very good as a gymnastics of the head. Or very good as killing short time. RPG is not good for the life. Because if I play RPG, I can't do anything. Survival horror is very good as the play during the summer. We don't need air conditioner. But we can't sleep. That is a problem...

H Habits
 Saying "ui?" or "ou?"
 When I think something, I put my finger on my mouth.
 Shaking the neck.

I Ideal Girl
  Neat, graceful, hobby fits, requiring me. As for the chest, the small one is better. I never worry about the appearance.

J Japan
 In Japanese language, we call Japan as "Nippon" or "Ni-hon." The name "Japan" is derived from old Chinese. English is a selfish language. Therefore, it has a tendency to write the name of other countries or people etc. with selfish pronunciation. My mother country Austria is a good examle. In German, we call Austria as "Österreich [ø:staraiç]." How come do we call it as Austria in English? In this case, people are not able to distinguish Austria and Australia.

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