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K Knee
 My left knee is causing arthritis. When fatigue was accumulated or when the stress was accumulated, my left knee begins to be hurt. How come my left knee began to causethe inflammation? The cause is indistinct.

L Letter
 Nowadays so many people use e-m@il. It's cheap, quickly and convenience. But... I like "analogue" letter much better than electric mail. Because I don't like inorganic letters on the screen. By analogue mail, we can send information, letters and heart.

 I like correspondence very much. In palmy days, I had 11 correspondence partners. When I come back home, then letter is included into the mailbox, it is very joyful. But if that is a bill or direct mail, I am angry. By the diffusion of electron mail, the exchanging of the letter is decreasing. I think this is very regrettably.

M Mommy
 If we call the United Kingdom ex=prime minister Margaret Thatcher "originator the woman of the iron," we can call my mommy "the head house the woman of the iron". Her body is the strength of a Germanic system, her mind is the strength that crushes the lawyer. She is the woman of iron exactly. As for I, my head does not rise to my mommy yet.
I have grown up in the family of a mother and a child long time. Therefore, as for I and mother the relations are good very much. At least 1 time in a week she gives me a ring. It is in the present when the home collapse goes on and the relations of the mother and child are a boasted seed good such that be natural. It is the quite lonely world.
 Unlike me, mother is proficient linguistics. German, English and Japanese she speaks fluently. She makes the most of this linguistics ability and she is working as a linguistics instructor. The English conversation classroom where self manages(the IML foreign language conversation school), university, technical college, public high school. The range is overturning one city.
 She started the tennis as the part of a diet at the beginning. However, she likes tennis as a hobby now. Every week in regard to Sunday she plays tennis with colleagues and do the 2nd meetings in the Soba home and hold the 3rd meetings in her house. She is magnanimous. Also, there is something which she demonstrates a skill to except for tennis. It is a television game, especially puzzle game. However, other games the feeling valve.
Her favorite brand is "KANSAI". The whole body T-shirt, sweat shirt, socks etc., she is overturning with the KANSAI products. She also sends me KANSAI products.
Her recent way of speaking is "Let's do the diet from tomorrow!" She is seem to be worrying about weight. However, she eats a sweet things next day and says "Let's do the diet from tomorrow!" Everyday she eats sweet things and says "Let's do the diet from tomorrow!" So, she never does the diet. When does she do the diet?
Although she is such a mother, she lives in the ground of the foreign countryparts half more of life without her parents, sister and brother. Also, she does unreasonableness, while repaying the huge debt that the octopus of with a plump left and be taking the trouble of providing for my school expenses. I do not know her as a woman. She has done the education that she force with power. Therefore, her evaluation as an education mommy is low. However, she is the person who deserves respect as a mother, as the woman who works.

N Nasty
 Cigaret, men, drinking meeting. These are very unpleasant things for me. Especially cigaret. Japan is a cigaret developing country. There are many case that the institution is bearing smoker priority. I am doing the part-time job in the restaurant. Even there is the smoker highest priority. Japan has done the imitation of the anything Western countries. However, Japan does not try to do imitation regarding no smoking. That is a question.

O Operation 
 I experienced the operation twice. 1st time was my beautiful face. 2nd time was foot's nail.

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