Michael's P to T

P Part time jobs
 For some reasons, I need money. So, I had done many part time jobs during the student era. Video rental shop, tutor, Indian restaurant, Hamburger shop, Japanese style pizza restaurant, Italian & French restaurant. I like survice trade very much. So, doing part time job was very pleasant. I could meet so many kinds of people. I could do also the social study.

Q Quote
 The quotation of the proverb is one of my special ability. I can recall the proverb suddenly. It is convenient. It is although I might use the guess difference proverb occasionally. This sort of case has no way but to cheat and has no way but to laugh it.

R Revelation
 To recently, I thought keyboard input that Japanese style input is a main way in Japan. However, I knew that actually Western style input is a main way. I was so surprised. The thing called the ignorance is fearful.

S Swimming
 I like swimming very much. But I hardly go to swimming, since my eyes became bad. Because I can't look at the women of the swimsuit figure. Let's do everybody, eyes carefully.

T Tea
 Black tea, Chinese tea, Japanese tea, herb tea... In the world, we have so many kinds of tea. Especially, I like herb tea very much. When I want to be relaxed, when I want to raise concentration, when the stress accumulated, when I can't sleep readily... In these cases, I always drink herb tea. The herb tea is a boom in Japan recently. Therefore, we can buy herb tea in any supermarkets in Japan. It is very merciful for me.

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