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 Do you believe UFO? In my case, just like Curl Sagan, I believe and I hope that in this universe, there is so many intelligent creature. Of course I don't know the truth just same as Fox Mulder. but believing UFO is impossible for me. What do you think about it?

V Volleyball
 I am a many-sided interest. However, if I was asked a question "What is your hobby? ," then I answer it is volleyball foremost. Volleyball is all of my youth. I like very much even to see even to do volleyball. Now I live in near Tokyo, so once I watched volleyball directly. It was sooooooo remarkable! The atmosphere of the place you may do not accumulate. I did not notice that I was crying out aloud involuntarily during the game. However, it became good stress solution.
 The encounter between the volleyball with me was when I was an elementary school fourth year student. At that time I had been glued to the television to see the volleyball world championship. I was influenced by it and said to it I suggested that I begin volleyball. Fortunately, there was volleyball department in my elementary school. However, as for in I at that time the laurel index was over 180 obese children. Therefore, surrounding people everyone opposed. "If you play volleyball, then you can't eat sweets just like you are eating now." Then, I threw away the sweets from the window at that moment. And other one said "If you play volleyball, then you can't play with women any more." Then, I threw away the woman who was my girlfriend at that time.

 Although the practice of volleyball was severe, I had not thought that want to quit even once. I liked volleyball very much.

 However, my body began to have several malfunction. It was the right shoulder first of all. 1st tragedy occurred, when I was doing the practice of a service. Suddenly I heard the sound "Crush" from my right shoulder and acute pain ran simultaneously. Since that I became can not strike a good drive service.

 As for the 2nd tragedy, there was no relation to volleyball and occurred with a quite miserable form. I was about to put on the shoes and squatted instantaneous, the effect sound "Crush" was heard from my waist and acute pain ran simultaneously. This lumbago sometimes explodes even now.

 While enduring the 1st 2nd tragedy eagerly I have continued volleyball. However, 3rd tragedy was happened. It was autonomic ataxia. As a body thinks I do not take the trouble of moving. Physical strength was not able to be maintained at all. Concentration did not continue to the extent that is not believed.

 At this time, my youth ended. However, I never regret what I did. I think it was the best time and I was shining in the life. There was the encounter with the senior who is my eternal yearning. Although I went after the senior and advanced to the same junior high school/high school/. Oh, my senior, where are you and what are you doing what now, Sir?

W Women
 Yes! I like beautiful women very much. In contrast with this, I dislike men. I am recruiting the girlfriend now!!.

X X'mas
 I don't know why, but every year when the Christmas approaches, it breaks out which is bad for me without fail. And the town is wrapped to the atmosphere the season of the love people. It is too lonely and cold season for me. I enlarge the voice and want to say. I hate Christmas!

Y Yasoi Yasuda
 He was my present guidance instructor. "I'm too busy to do something." "The recycling rate of the PET bottle is rising. However, even the discard quantity of the PET bottle is increasing. " "My wife is..." etc are his way of speaking.

Z Zombie
 I like zombie... oops, no no! I like the survival horror game RESIDENT EVIL which is presented by CAPCOM. This is one of the zombie game. This game is very good as the play during the summer. We don't need air conditioner. But we can't sleep. And sometimes this game is very bad for the heart. That is a problem..

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