Michael's self-introduction

my face
Name Michael H. SENSUI
Birthday August 24th, 1974
Height 178cm
Weight 64kg - 69kg
Blood group A Rh+
Constellation Virgo
Favorite color Dark blue, Blue purple
Hobbies Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Professional Wrestling, Cooking, Money income
Career *Hokkaido University of Education department of education belonging Hakodate kindergarten
*Hokkaido University of Education department of education belonging Hakodate elementary school @
*Hokkaido University of Education department of education belonging Hakodate junior high school
*Hokkaido Hakodate east senior high school
*The Hilosaki University faculty of science earth science department
*The University of Tsukuba graduate school environment science research department
*Fulukawa Information Technology Corp
Speciality Earth science (especially the environment earth science), Social engineering
Main Thesis *The attitude and subject towards the environment of the citizens from Hilosaki-city
(the in 1999 Graduation thesis)
*Comprehensive evaluation of the scrapped material collection of classified Garbage and
rubbish recycling system in Hilosaki-city(in 2001 master's thesis)
Creed Doing job and getting woman have to be done quickly
Favorite word 1 step recession 2 steps advance
Disagreeable words 1 way using, worst, effort, patience, spirit
Favorite things sweet things, women, money
Disagreeable things cigarette, men, Gambling, dyed Hair, loose socks, thick bottom shoes, heavy make-ups,
mountain witch makeup, broken Japanese language
Special ability massage, proverb quotation, hiccup after the eating , right away being tense,
tripping in the way which there is nothing
Poor drinking meeting, personal computer, learning the face and name of the person, tie,
ringing the telephon, consultation with the person
Favorite musics Carpenters, Johan Straus1, Johan Straus2
Favorite movies The wing of Oneamis(in 1986 Japan), STAR WARS(in 1977,80.83,99,02,05 USA), ALIEN 2 (in 1986 USA)

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